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CMJames Part 5: What’s in a Venue Name?

When reading about either historic or contemporary shows in New York City, you frequently come across a familiar set of unusual  venue names. I never gave it much thought, chalking it up as a strange cheekiness perhaps. But these names are almost entirely accurate, believe it or not!

For example, Brooklyn Night Bizarre is a mouthful of a name. However, it turns out that it is, in fact, a bazaar of booths with the normal assortment of wares that one purchases at fairs and carnivals: trinkets, junk jewelry, bric-a-brac…


And you CAN purchase cake and cupcakes at The Cake Shop!

Cake Shop cake

Arlene’s Grocery used to be a bodega and grocery but it became a full time music venue back in the mid-nineties.


More self explanatory are the Bowery Ballroom (a ballroom…on Bowery), and The Bowery Electric (a multi level venue in the lighting/electric district on Bowery).

Now if only I could explain “Baby’s All Right” in Brooklyn…