Playlist for 07-28-13

Farley – “Eyes Wide Open” @farleymusic1 Bueno Chico – “Love’s Just A Feeling” David Disharoon – “Wouldn’t Say Goodbye” @daviddisharoon Down The Machine – “Know Your Place” @DownTheMachine Myron and E -“If I Gave You My Love” @Myron_and_E Nathan Angelo – “You Could Be My Girl” @nathanangelo Spaceman, Spaceman – “Wake Up” @spacemanx2 Sun & Flesh – “Open Flame” @sunandflesh The ZealousContinue reading “Playlist for 07-28-13”

Best Songs Of The Past 7 Years

In the past 7 years a bunch of great music has come across our Inbox as submissions to WXRY Unsigned.  Below is a list of songs and artists we think are way too good to be featured on our show. “Somebody Told Me” – Nick Pagliari “One Thing” – iKE (Eich Five) “Here We Go”Continue reading “Best Songs Of The Past 7 Years”