Leisure McCorkle Joins Columbia’s Longest Running Local Music Show on 4-16

A dedicated follower of the American underground music scene, singer/songwriter Leisure McCorkle brings a healthy knowledge of the classic alternative scene to his brand of energetic hard rock. Starting in the mid-90’s, he recorded the lo fi Nappy Superstar on an 8-track in 1997. Put together with very little money, the recording still commanded aContinue reading “Leisure McCorkle Joins Columbia’s Longest Running Local Music Show on 4-16”

Finding Lucy Appears On July 10 Unsigned

Finding Lucy is an up-and-coming Indie Rock band from Columbia, South Carolina that has received an astounding level of national and international attention for a new group. First assembled in 2011, today’s band members include Grayson Alexander (vocalist-songwriter, guitarist), Logan Charles (vocalist, guitarist), Alex Nolan (bassist, background vocalist) and Evan Moore (drummer). Influenced by bandsContinue reading “Finding Lucy Appears On July 10 Unsigned”

The Harsh Truth Hangover Unsigned on March 20

The Harsh Truth hails from the Capital City of South Carolina. After forming in the Fall 2014 by Talon Vick (Keys) and Nate Walker (Vox/Rhythm), they then added Colin O’Keefe (Bass) and Joe Lansburg (Lead Guitar) to mix. Since both Joe and Colin had worked together with Nate in a previous project titled “Million DollarContinue reading “The Harsh Truth Hangover Unsigned on March 20”