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Pennysylvania’s finest Farley!

Playlist for 07-28-13

Farley – “Eyes Wide Open” @farleymusic1

Bueno Chico – “Love’s Just A Feeling”

David Disharoon – “Wouldn’t Say Goodbye” @daviddisharoon

Down The Machine – “Know Your Place” @DownTheMachine

Myron and E -“If I Gave You My Love” @Myron_and_E

Nathan Angelo – “You Could Be My Girl” @nathanangelo

Spaceman, Spaceman – “Wake Up” @spacemanx2

Sun & Flesh – “Open Flame” @sunandflesh

The Zealous Friars -“Tone It Down” @zealousfriars

Farley – “Dance All Night” @farleymusic1

Playlist for 06-16-13

Tonya Tyner – “I Keep Trying” @tonyatyner

Circle of Reason – “Don’t Be Still” @Circleofreason

Farley – “12 O’Clock”@farleymusic1

Hannah Miller – “Let It Go” @hannahmiller

wing and hallow – “Cage A Bird” @havenlamoureux

High Violet – “Wheels” @violet_high

Samanatha Crain – “Never Going Back” @sjcrain

The Knollwood Boys – “Before You Go” @KnollwoodBoys

The Major Pins –  “Robots” #TheMajorPins

Tonya Tyner – “Get On Out” @tonyatyner