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Kenny George Band and Meggie Hulsey of Disco Teepee Appear on 01/17/16 Unsigned

KGBKenny George Band is an alternative country and folk rock group from Aiken, SC. Since 2007 the KGB has been steady playing in the southeastern United States. Known for their soulful country the Kenny George Band brings passion to the stage and studio as can be heard on their Debut 7-Track EP “Gunshy” set for release April 8.

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Meggie heads up the blog Disco Teepee originating from Charleston, SC. Not only does Meggie write about local and regional music, she consumes LIVE music like a hungry lumberjack consumes a stack of flapjacks straight off the griddle. All of January 17’s playlist was curated by Meggie, culled from some of her favorite hometown bands. We like Meggie because she supports the underdog.

Kenny George Band and Meggie Hulsey appear on WXRY Unsigned this Sunday, January 17, 2016 broadcasting LIVE from The British Bulldog Pub.


Kenny George Band – Lovins Kinda Lonely