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Don’t Play That Song: press kit faux pas

One time this band sent us a press kit and the CD they sent with a label on it was the clear plastic disc they put in CD-R spindles. We found out when Brent passed the CD onto his friend and they tried to play it in the van. The CD player kept spitting it out and they turned it over lo and behold…It didn’t really matter though, the band was terrible.  I could tell by their photos but that’s another post.

But seriously…As a general rule I prefer digital files/downloads over standard press kits. Radio stations don’t  have storage for all the your 8X10’s and shiny paper with press quotes on it.  If you do send a CD to a station, I am pretty sure they will be happy if all the paperwork is inside the CD case. Make sure to include all the ways to contact you or your management (read: your buddy who thinks your band rulz) including email addresses, phone numbers and links to your website/social media sites you’re on.

If you must have a press kit, make an EPK.  Sign up for Sonicbids, Reverbnation or Purevolume or add an EPK section to your web site.

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Don’t Play That Song: First post

Hello and welcome to the section of the blog called “Don’t Play That Song (Tune Your Guitars)”. When I post here it’ll probably be about things I have seen bands do that don’t work.  I may also post about when bands do things right.  I don’t intend for these posts to be a place for me to troll other bands.  I want to share my experiences of what I have seen as Brent and I have done this dang radio show since 2005. I hope you guys can learn from others mistakes. Feel free to comment and/or put me in my place.