Joelle Kittrell To Appear On Unsigned October 4, 2015

JoelleKittrellHailing from South Carolina, Joelle Kittrell has been a full-time professional musician for 8 years.  Her accomplishments are found in her previous projects. She led her band from packed venues across the South, to the South East region’s top spot in the Billboard magazine’s top six unsigned bands in the nation.  She has since finished and began to release songs she has been writing for 4 years.  Her sound is a mixture of Joss Stone and Adele with a raw Janis Joplin vibe.  Raised on hits from the 50s and 60s, she incorporates her love for strong, singable melodies and Motown grooves in with her jazz and rock past to create complete new sounds.  Her heart is to provide a little more music in the world that makes people put aside their differences and enjoy a moment in time together.

With her signature sound, Joelle was immediately sought after by Nashville’s top songwriters. While filming two episodes as a featured guest star on the hit reality show “Big Smo” on A&E, Joelle met Eric Flores (MD/Bass Player/EP for Big Smo and cowriter on “MyPlace” with Darius Rucker) and has recently started writing and recording hit songs with him for her first EP. 

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Joelle appears on WXRY Unsigned LIVE from The British Bulldog Pub on Sunday, October 4, 2015.

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