Thank you Midlands Givers!

$6,900 Raised in 24 Hours

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 71 folks participated in Midlands Gives, an area-wide 24 hour giving marathon. It was a HUGE increase over last year. Thanks to the anonymous “Joyful Giver,” we hit our challenge grant goal and earned $1,500 on top of the nearly $6,000 raised from individuals like you. This was a substantial and encouraging start to our Signal Boosters Campaign.

If you participated in Midlands Gives, we are not going to hit you up for an additional gift, although we never turn down money! We are asking you to be our ambassador for this Signal Booster campaign. We would like you to tweet, email, share, like and ask your network to join you in supporting your favorite non-profit radio station and to support our work in our rapidly growing community. The link to our crowdfunding site is here. Sharing and liking and emailing from the indiegogo site will help push our visibility up on that site and hopefully get us in the running with “solar freakin’ roadways.”

It is Now or Never for our Signal Booster campaign. The licenses for both 99.1 in Irmo/Lexington and 98.1 Northeast Columbia expire in mid-August. So your assistance and friendship has never been more urgent. Once on the air, these signals will triple the number of people within our FM coverage area and set the Foundation on a path to long-term sustainability plus achieve even greater responses for our strategic partners.

If you work for a business or charitable organization that supports charitable causes, please email Steve Varholy and we can explore that possibility together.

If you see Greg Hilton or Ryal Curtis around, shake their hands and thank them for their endless hours of advice.

boost it large


Volunteer and WXRY Unsigned program host Randy Borawski created our video for the Signal Booster campaign. Big props to him and all of our community members and supporters who agreed to appear in the video at the last minute.


Now that we got your attention, we are collaborating with Conquest Brewing Company, our local brewery, to create a summer-only limited release beer as a fundraiser for our Signal Booster campaign.

It’s a light, refreshing and expertly crafted beer that I know you will enjoy. And, because it is a fundraiser, I hope you will enjoy it A LOT. (CUE: Laugh track)

We are finalizing the list of establishments carrying our beer on tap, so when the brew launches we’ll invite you to patronize and partake. One I can share for you is Craft and Draft on Devine Street. They will be able to dispense a growler of our Signal Booster elixir just in time to bring it to your Independence Day picnic.

And please, when you see Joseph and his partners, thank him profusely.

N.B.: We plan on working with our other local breweries as well. Conquest was the first to say yes and be able to gear up very quickly. We have a lot of incredible brewing talent in our city and we look forward to sharing that talent with you.

varholyOn behalf of our staff and volunteers, we thank you so much for believing in the power of independent public radio to help build the city we want to live in.

I look forward to sharing a Signal Booster Summer Pale Ale with you and seeing you soon.





Steve Varholy, President and General Manager

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