Rodney Rice Appears on WXRY Unsigned on 02-07-15

RodneyRiceEmpty Pockets and a Troubled Mind, the debut album from Texas folk-country artist Rodney Rice, is an album which documents his life story from his time as a young boy learning guitar in his grandmother’s kitchen in West Virginia, to his time recording the album at The Congress House Studio in Austin, Texas. Rodney began playing music twenty-two years ago in his grandparent’s home, listening to the radio and learning how to play songs by country legends such as Hank Williams, George Jones, and Billy Joe Shaver. Raised by his grandparents, they were the main source of encouragement for Rodney in his musical pursuits, letting him have long jam sessions in their living room which allowed him an incredible amount of creative freedom to play music.

After graduating high school, Rodney took to the road to travel, living in various states such as Wyoming, Washington, and Texas, landing various jobs while he continued to pursue his love of music whenever and wherever he could- in honky-tonks and bars, playing his music for whoever would listen. Once he settled in Texas, Rodney was inspired to pursue music as a way to pay the bills, and from then on he would play in whatever environment he came across. In 2012, Rodney began writing songs that would eventually end up on Empty Pockets and a Troubled Mind, drawing inspiration from everything that he has come across in his life, from his grandparents, his travels, and love. Recording at The Congress House Studio in Austin was also a creative haven for Rodney, as his time spent working with producer Andre Moran, allowed him to express himself through song.

The result of Rodney’s journey is an emotional album that anyone can relate to regardless of their life story or path. While everyone’s path in life is different, Rodney writes about things that we can all relate to, and with Empty Pockets…listeners can connect with each track in their own way, creating a lasting relationship between artist and fan.

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WXRY Unsigned broadcasts LIVE from British Bulldog Pub with Rodney Rice on February 8, 2015 at 8PM

Published by WXRY Discovery

A radio show featuring all the music you haven’t heard. Every Sun. 8-9pm on @wxry

One thought on “Rodney Rice Appears on WXRY Unsigned on 02-07-15

  1. Rodney Rice is a phenomenal singer/songwriter. His debut CD includes his song, “Hills of Carolina” and it always makes me cry–homesick kind of tears but all good.

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