Best Songs Of The Past 7 Years

In the past 7 years a bunch of great music has come across our Inbox as submissions to WXRY Unsigned.  Below is a list of songs and artists we think are way too good to be featured on our show.

“Somebody Told Me” – Nick Pagliari

“One Thing” – iKE (Eich Five)

“Here We Go” – Madison Fair

“Spinning (Out Of Control)” – Lynwood

“Hide Your Love Away” – Red Letter Agent

“Always Alone” – Honestly

“Afterfall” – Jason Harwell

“Satisfied” – Starting Tuesday (The War)

“Tonight Maybe” – Merced

“Breathe” – Swirl 360

“Pills To Help Me Sleep” – Jon Black

“Rev. Ramshack Run” – Micah Dalton

“Earth and Venus –  “Andy Davis

“Only” – Angie Aparo

“Going Though Changes” – Army of Me

“Fine Line” – Bain Mattox

“Take What’s Mine” – Baumer

“Moving Backwards” Ben Rector

“AM Radio” – Billy Cerveny

“I Won’t Go Hollywood” – Bleu

“On and On” – Brandon Kean

“Hopeless” – Brent McDonald

“Clear Blue Sadness” – Charlie Hardin

“We Are Birds” – Chris Ayer

“Soldier” – Civil Twilight

“Barton Hollow” – The Civil Wars

” Here I Go” – Cottrell Gant

“Bastard of Midnight” – The Damnwells

“Until You” – Dave Barnes

“Beauty” – David Mead

“Southern Comfort” – Dell Castillo

Jena & Jimmy” – Derek Webb

“Dabney Coleman Pt. 5” – The Dirty White

“Label Kills” – doc sommers band (Brevada)

“Never Gonna Change” – Drive-By Truckers

“Rooftop” – Emily Hearn

“My Tripwire” – Eric Peters

“Call Me Back” – Eric Skelton

“Not A Lie” – Everything After

“Cigarette” – Firefly Summer

“All’s Well” – Florez

“Finally Fading” – Glen Phillips

“All For You” –  Haley Dreis

“Break Me” – The Internet

“Driving Blind” – Jay Clifford

“Can’t Walk Away” – Jesse Isley

“Carry On” – Joal Rush

“Break Mine” – John Cox

“Misery” – Jordan Spillane

“Fire Away” – Kill The Alarm

“Art:Science” – Leaving Araby

“Johnny” – Madi Diaz

“Walking on Broadway” – Mark Kano

“What Luther Said” –  Mark Williams

“Spinning” Marry a thief

“Everything’s Right” – Matt Wertz

“It Brings Me Joy To Cause You Pain” – Matthew Kahler

“It Is Pitch Dark” – MC Frontalot

“Rusted Radio” – Mike Garrigan

“Ten Feet Tall” – Mike Willis

Mississippi Woman” – The Mobros

“All I Need” – Monk & Neagle

“Where We Went Wrong” – My Beating Heart

“Your Name Escapes Me” – Run Dan Run

“Follow Your Heart” – Nathan Angelo

“The Pages” – Nathan Poole

“Everyday” – The Noises 10

“Dreams” – Pete Schmidt

“Childish Things” – Phillip Strickland

“Open Doors” – Pico vs. Island Trees

“How You Love” – Pool Boys

“Promises” – Postcard Fiction

“Makeshift Bouquet” – Steven Fiore

“Lucky Bastard” – All Get Out

“Picture” – American Gun

“Eye On You” – Bhi Bhiman

“Dirty Little Town” – Carey Sims

“Feeding You Lies” – Charming Hala

“Can’t Sleep” – Eric Vinson

“One Way Out” – Finnegan Bell

“How Come” – Gabriel Kelley

“Snapshot” – Jason Marcum

“I Will Find You” – Jimmy Needham

The Ballad Of Larry” – Jonathan Byrd

“Countdown” – Jupiter One

“Hearts To Lend” – My Awesome Mixtape

“You’re Not The Only One” – Paul Thorn

“Get So Mad” – Rejectioneers

“No, Surrender” – Justin Currie

“Make It Out” – Austin Crane

“Long Way Down” – “Boxbomb

“I Should Be Lost Without You” – David Condos

“Cavity” – The Never

“Don’t Be So Indignant” – The Edison Project

“Hideaway” – Jason Lawrence

“Start Again” – Wilson Empire

“Be There” – Mikeschair

“Rollin” – Regan

“Beautiful Criminal” – The Reggie Sullivan Band

“One Piece Band” – Snuzz

“Southside” – The Redaction

“Diamond Girls” – Vaya

“Make Noise” – Villanova (Weaving The Fate)

“Trouble” – Whiskey Tango Revue

“Head Over Heel” – Sandra McCracken

“Spoken For” – Sky Harbor

“New York City” – Taylor Davis

“That Girl” – The Retreat

“It Won’t Be Too Far” – The Taxi

“Tempest in Trousseau” – The Treading Lemmings

“Here Ya Go” – Alan Rice

“Hangin’ With You” – Devin Lima & The Cadbury Diesel

“Light” – Jon Frederik Band

“Falling Hard For The Girl” – Lanky

“Trippin’ Blind” – Sun Dog

“Slow Burn” – The Brindley Brothers

“Home This Year” – Virginia Coalition

“Jonquel” – Volley

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