Don’t Play That Song: Choose wisely my friend

For those who don’t know I was in a metal band in the 80’s. You can check out the profile I posted for old times sake on MySpace. The aforementioned band was called Fatality. It’s a lyric from “Postmortem” a track on Slayer’s landmark album Reign in Blood. I like to think that Fatality was a good band name. We were once on a college radio station promoting a “metal fest” put on by the college. (I still own one of the shirts we printed for that gig.)  A guy called in to talk with us and mentioned he was in a band. The conversation with my lead singer went something like this:

Devin: “I’m in a band, we should open up for you guys some time.”

Ron: “You’re in band?  What kind of music do you play?”

Devin: “Thrash”

Ron: “Thraaaash?”  “What’s the name of the band?”

Devin: “Atomic Fate”

Ron: “Atomic State?”


Ron: “Seat?”

Devin: “FATE, F.A.T.E.!”

So, choose your band name wisely or you may be stuck being a millionaire in a band named Green Day or Foo Fighters!


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